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If the level of sexual intimacy increases during an interaction: ie. The categories are: "Halter Top"; "She Was Drunk"; "I Was Drunk"; "Kegger"; "Off-Campus Kegger"; "She Led Me On"; "I Paid For Dinner": and "Ragin' Kegger". [ reading card ] "It is the last day of school, a female student asks a male student to help her move her futon-" [ Ariel buzzes ] Helpern-Strauss? [ sound effect dings for a correct answer ] Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Well! Antioch College defines date rape as: any sexual contact or conduct between two or more persons, in which consent of such contact, which includes: the touching of thighs, genitals, buttocks, or the breast/chest area is not expressly obtained in a verbal manner. [ reading card ] "She orders a steak and a shrimp cocktail." Strobel? Context is everything in comedy, and by presenting only a few seconds to a minute of a sketch, the overall impact of certain jokes seems to be lost in certain instances.I understand why sketches are edited down for time constraint reasons when aired on NBC; however, they could have been presented uncut for the home video release. [ Ariel hits her buzzer, lighting one of the squares ] Dean Frederick Whitcomb: "Halter Top"! [ curtain parts to reveal the two players in a scene together ] Male Date Rape Player #1: May I compliment you on your halter top? Here to help us with the question are the Antioch College Date Rape Players. Tim Meadows was born in Highland Park, Michigan on February 5, 1961, the son of Mardell, a nurse's assistant, and Lathon, a janitor. I haven't met Barack, but I have met Oprah Winfrey. I have had some scary moments where things have been out of my control, like on a flight that was too bumpy, or when I almost got robbed. KW: ’Realtor to the Stars' Jimmy Bayan's question: Where in L. KW: Okay, does it make you angry that people you've worked with have been more successful than you?

Tim proved to be quite a talented impersonator, doing dozens of celebs over the years, including Will Smith, Tiger Woods, Busta Rhymes, Dennis Rodman, Ru Paul, Snoop Dogg, Don King, Seal, Montel, Diddy, O. He is perhaps best known for The Ladies Man, a sketch character he played on SNL. Simpson, but other times I just had to be a generic teacher who wasn't necessarily black. He was just a guy who was sexually-active who the ladies loved. And I love to see my friends being successful, just like they wish the same thing for me.

He's continued to work in television, too, on such series as The Michael Richards Show, The Colbert Report, One on One, Leap of Faith, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and According to Jim. The Bill Engvall Show: Steve Hytner, Bill Engvall, Tim Meadows KW: I know your character, Paul, is Bill's best friend. And he's trying to figure out how to meet girls, because he's been out of the dating scene for awhile. So, there are going to be rare occasions where a white actor is going to play a black character, and even rarer situations where a black character is going to be asked to play a white character. TM: No, but he wanted to do Ladies Man as a late-night show on BET. [Laughs] I heard Dustin Hoffman say that in an interview on 60 minutes and thought that would make the perfect tombstone.

He is currently enjoying a recurring role as Paul on The Bill Engvall Show, a sitcom starting its second season on TBS this month. KW: I watched the second season's premiere of The Bill Engvall Show, but you were only in it briefly, on the phone for about ten seconds. And he's also a hair replacement specialist who is unlucky at love. Meeting girls online is something new for him, and he's just trying to pick up his game again. Maybe in a few years we might get jaded and angry with each other, but right now it's good. TM: No, but I did get a little burnt out, because I was shooting Ladies Man and doing the show at the same time. It was only fair that he had a chance to be the only African-American on the show, and therefore have more parts written for him.

Some sketches are better than others, though there isn't one that's difficult to sit through.

The only downside to Saturday Night Live: The Best of Tim Meadows is one that plagues a bunch of SNL compilations, which is that there's the occasional sketch that's presented in truncated form.


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