Signs coworkers are dating

But how can you really know for sure, aside from hacking into their email?

There’s no need to do anything as unethical as that — just watch for these 15 tell-tale signs that an office love affair is brewing.

Managing and maintaining an office relationship takes a lot of energy, particularly if they’re trying to keep it a secret, and especially if people have started gossiping about a potential love affair. They keep taking innocent but frequent breaks with each other Their coffee breaks are suddenly scheduled around the same time, and it’s hard not to notice one follow the other out to the pantry for a five minute break.

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But that’s not always good for your business – especially when office romances begin to blossom.

And then, the person turns into someone you like talking to.

And before you know it, this person becomes a pretty important part of your life.

And nothing is juicier than other people’s love lives, especially when it’s supposed to be a secret.

The latest rumor making the rounds at your company is that John in marketing and Martha the office manager are “seeing each other” outside the usual channels if you catch our drift.


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