Quake live stats not updating

The most active server is a Russian Instagib one and the third most active is a US instagib server.

Scoring these players with Glicko/Elo must throw off the stats a bit when mixed with the standard classic mode FFA player data.

It doesn't answer any of the users complaints though: while there are immeasurable benefits porting over to the Steamworks API, it also means that people who have stuck with the game through the browser conversion and the upheaval involved have now had all their history and hard work wiped clean.

QLStats was created by Predat H0r as a Quake Live modification of Xon Stat, the Xonotic stats tracking system created by Antibody.

Without warning or provocation, Quake Live — originally the browser-based free-to-play conversion of the i D multiplayer classic before its re-release, and eventual exclusivity on Steam last year — has become a US game on Steam. But apart from suddenly adding a US entry price for a game that has been free-to-play for years — something it arguably needs, considering the extreme skill ceiling of high movement, high intensity shooters targeting only PC players — the most grating aspect about this morning's update was the way it has wiped players' friends lists, statistics, and even settings in some instances. For a community that must rank up there in terms of sheer devotion, this seems to have come completely out of the blue.

The reaction from the Quake community has been instant and palpable. "So my old user name is gone, my clans are gone, the match browser is absolutely useless, everything looks all ****** up," one user complains. I guarantee you you will be giving me that money back. Perhaps the only positive out of all of this is that those who added Quake Live to their Steam account when it was free won't have to pay for the game twice — although if you lost all your preferences, clans and stats that might not be much of a saving grace, particularly if you forked out money for a premium or pro account.

The latest Quake Live update on Steam did something no one had expected.

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I still notice that for the FFA games you are also including the stats from Instagib matches.The transition also resulted in giving all players equal access to the games content, bringing foregoing subscriptions to an end.Quake Live existed as a free-to-play PC online shooter for over 6 years.Players may now use their Steam display name and profile avatar in-game, and still uniquely identify players by Steam Id and Profile pages," the post reads."Steam Statistics will track your progress in-game, and you will instantly be awarded achievements as you earn them, rather than as matches are completed.From the legendary series that founded the online shooter genre comes the most exciting, energetic, and fast-paced shooter on the Internet.


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