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But Microsoft will keep adding new features to this preview version through monthly updates. According to Microsoft, this preview will NOT run side-by-side with any previously installed Office version.So you'll need to uninstall existing Office suite from your system before installing this free Preview of Office 2016.Current admin and standard profiles continue to work (though more about this later.) Well, the real culprit appears to be the C:\Users\Default\NTUSER. Several steps have been taken to try corrective action, and they work .The new profile, when logged on after re-creating the Default folder, still can't launch (and keep launched) the System Settings.I have the most current version of the Win 10 Pro x64 . Yet, can't seem to find/figure out how to get the core Default folder back from there. Any one have any idea how to get my system capable of creating a new local profile without triggering a system error that prevents if from being used?A LITTLE MORE BACKGROUD: I went through the process to create a new profile, selecting no MS Account, and choosing to make it local.It includes local engines Avira and Bitdefender, the pro-active and cloud protection in real time, and also some tools: firewall, sandbox, web-browser protection.It is highly recommended to download anti-virus software only on offecial websites.

But Symantec Norton Anti Virus overrule nod32 for those who don’t have an Internet connection only because it provides virus definition files to update Norton Antivirus Offline ie. Here is a nice trick to Update nod32 antivirus if you don’t have an internet connection ie.But I have not include the update for version 2 so you have to find the update file somewhere else.There are still many users who dont update their security softwares regularly due to the reason that they don’t have an internet connection.Also an "Office 365 Pro Plus" subscription was required to download the free preview.But now its open to public so everyone can download and install the free preview of Office 2016. Since its just an early preview version, it doesn't contain all the features which will be available in the final version of Office 2016.Now the same feature has been implemented in Word, Excel and Power Point programs of Office 2016.


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