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Nothing can compare to that feeling when you love and are being loved.It makes us better people in every single respect, and that’s just the start of it.With that in mind, Nicolas has revealed 11 simple ways to tell if your partner is The One...As a US poll reveals more men than women believe that they are destined to find their soul mate (74 per cent compared to 71 per cent), Nicolas explains: 'There are people you meet who, for no reason, you just share a strong connection with on a deeper level than anyone else you've ever known.'Whether you believe in a soul mate you've met in a past life or simply hope that there is someone out there who is meant just for you, there are some sure signs to tell if you've met a soul mate.' Here the relationship coach reveals what to look out for: 'Call it 'love at first sight' or just a moment of intuition, a lot of people know when they've found 'the one.''If you feel comfortable, energised and intimate with someone even though you've only just met them, there's a good chance the relationship will go the distance.''Relationships often fall apart when the two people try to change each other.When you really love each other, physical intimacy is not a power play (unless you both want it to be, of course), and it’s not a way of proving yourself. Giving love, attention and all the rest of it is even better, and the only way we can experience this is when we find our true love.Love makes us more giving, it makes us less selfish, and that’s one of the greatest things about it. You get to love yourself more Having said that about being giving, true love can also have a magical effect on your self-love.They want to be the best partner possible to support the person that you are.''Soul mates don't agree on everything.However, when it comes to the most important things in life like your values, goals, core beliefs, and priorities, you are totally on the same page.

Those who know their science are unanimous: the best lovemaking happens between people who know each other well, and who can tell each other what they like. You get to give Receiving love, attention and material demonstrations of his feelings is great.

Here’s one for the guys: the signs to look out for that mean you may have just found that person and you should keep her in your life forever. She defends you no matter what you do or say and she is always your number one supporter.

Not out of pity but because she genuinely thinks you’re funny.

'Soul mates, however, accept one another (flaws and all) and when they step back see a partner they are very proud to be with.

'They don't want to change each other, so they tend to be less critical of each other, even when they disagree.


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