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Instead of allowing a feeling to come and go, I’ll force it to stay. When you see him, you ask how the hell did he land her? To be good at any sport, you have to SEE the field subconsciously. I saw figures and different colored squares instead of a battlefield with soldiers. I learned about the idea of preparing yourself for loss from the MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko. High School wasn’t easy, and neither was University study. My baseline was around B’s and the extremes were A’s and C’s. He’d sit in the front row and soaked up the knowledge without writing anything down. It was inevitable to get lower grades because of time constraints. He had a long streak of A’s and to suddenly see a C was a slap in the face.

He wasn’t afraid to make moves knowing that out of 10 women, at least one was his. I’d play with people of the same or lesser skills than I did. Then came a time when I’d have to play stronger opponents. It was sitting in the front row of a baseball game and getting hit with a foul ball in the chest. I knew 3 guys that transferred out of Mines the first year. It wasn’t their faults except that they didn’t experience academic loss in high school. They couldn’t return to their psychological baseline.

In between bland and spicy is the comfortable middle ground of good taste. I’m on the freeway listening to Omar Khayyam’s poems.

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The British came across chef khan's cooking talents and immediately assigned him to cater for the aristocrats.He would cook spectacular banquets and wonderful curries for socialites and the political class.When Mahatma Gandhi started the peaceful revolution in India requesting Indian self-rule, Chef Khan joined this cause and refused to cook any more. These three words perfectly sum up our menu and is our guiding philosophy.Our menu is crafted to deliver an authentic yet unique Southeast Asian culinary experience.Renowned across North America as our signature dish, each crab is hand selected by our chefs daily.


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