Boa siwan hope for dating dating in zambia

He's really at the top when it comes to idol actors. It must be awkward for Siwan to kiss Bo A like that which is her sunbaenim. Perhaps Bo A looked pretty awkward to most datkng you guys, but personally I thought she did pretty well!

Feelings of frustration and all those emotions you feel when you're in love, I felt them all along with the drama. Compared to her cameo in Athena, she looks much more natural and I liked how both she and Siwan looked so pitiful in the almost-last scene.

She has been hurt so many times because she fell in love.

She is tired of being in love, she just wants to date!

I think it's awkward for Siwan to kiss a big boa hope for dating.

But hey, if he's being praised, then he must be a really good actor! Sorry Netizens but Bo A acting was BAD Siwan did great tho.

The cast and crew deserve an applause: Honestly Bo A was ok. I KNOW WOOHOO LETS PARTY [SHE SAYS THANKS SOMEWHERE IN KOREA]. I have yet to watch this but I have high expectations for Siwan's acting. Falling in love is not a matter of emotional exercise anymore. Multi-play and flirting skills are the necessities rather than extra.For the people who like being fast and clear, dating skill specialists are emerged. However, there is a girl who is the last romantist in this generation.i just came here to say that kaistal were in my dream last night and my dream self was waaay too emotional abt them eating at a restaurant togetherthis is all because i checked instagram right before i fell asleep and saw krystal's latest post, i know it I really suspect Minseok has someone he's seeing right now, that Cartier bling of his has me suspicious plus I'm pretty sure there were rumors of him dating a non-celeb amongst kfans.He's so private so we'll never know lmao, if there's any EXO member who could pull off a secret marriage, it's him.Through a social media, the pick-up artist and the girl start one-on-one lessons about dating.


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