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The group is an intentional multicultural space, but all queer and transgender people are welcome.This group will provide a space to exchange information, get support, eat good food, have fun, build community, and take some time to imagine and discuss the journey of building queer families. Y., native, I was surprised when Abodo, a website that helps people find apartments, ranked my hometown as the most homophobic city in the nation.Buffalo isn’t an accepting place for LGBT folks, based on the tweeting habits of residents.All three associates at Choices are LGBT-friendly, trained and interested in LGBT issues.

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While I am not making excuses for the tweets, the views of more than three-quarters of Buffalonians were not reflected. Over the past 50 years, Buffalo has slowly transitioned from a rust-belt, blue-collar city to one with an economy based on financial services, technology, the arts, education, and the biomedical field.

Equinox offers a multi-faceted, holistic, client-centered approach to treatment, with a number of services including residential programs, individual therapy and group treatment, medication therapy, case management, family resources, and vocational, social, and community connections.

Many of Equinox's counseling services have LGBTQ-specific options.

If you happen to be a resident of the Empire State, there could be quit a few scholarship applications in your immediate future, so start sharpening that pencil!

For a sampling of what you may find, take a look at the New York scholarships below. Conduct a free scholarship search to find more like these, along with the many scholarships based on other criteria.


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